Acquisition Services

After in-depth evaluations of our clients' needs and objectives, we develop an appropriate acquisition strategy. Keeping these goals at the forefront, we then seek out potential candidates. Finally, we can establish initial contact with selected candidates, while maintaining our client's confidentiality, in order to measure their interest in having discussions.

An informed purchaser should first determine how much he is willing to spend and the feasibility of various financing options. We assist in this process by preparing Due Diligence Reports. Subjects implicated are the potential acquisition company's industry, financial figures, current operations, future business prospects, strategic positioning, legal and financial risks. Additionally, we can create financial models to assess various potential pricing scenarios. After obtaining all the initial financing and operating data related to the business, we assist in quantifying the potential outcomes and in drafting the Letter of Intent.

Deal Completions

We can agree, monitor and manage project timetables. We are also able to lead negotiations as well as provide additional negotiation advice & support throughout the transaction process, in conjunction with your other professional advisors.