Financial Advisory Services

New Financing

Companies, whether public or private, frequently require additional finance for a variety of reasons. This may be to finance expansion, to fund an acquisition or to reduce debt. There are usually a number of sources of finance and a range of different ways to structure the finance that the business requires. Once we have had an opportunity to understand your business and the objectives of the owners, we will advise you on all of the important issues associated with raising finance, including how much to raise and the most appropriate source of funds.

Debt restructuring and recapitalizations

If your company is hindered by an overbearing debt/equity structure, we will manage the process to restructure your debt and/or develop a new equity structure to improve your cash flow. Our financial advisory assistance includes:

  • evaluating risks and the effects of financing alternatives
  • preparing information material regarding the company, including strategic plans and financial projections
  • coordinating negotiations between our client and the sources of finance

Complementing our experience in loans, we also offer insight and advice across a range of related areas including corporate treasury, structured finance, strategy, regulation and credit analysis. Underpinning our expertise is deep knowledge of the international loan market, gained over many years operating businesses, delivering client financings and matching the changing needs of borrowers and investors across different markets and conditions.

Our clients benefit from the company's collective knowledge pool which supports capabilities spanning bilateral and syndicated loan arrangements in the corporate, financial institution, property and project markets through to loan portfolio solutions, risk, regulatory, operations, strategic analysis and feasibility studies.