Investment Advisory Services

The ever-increasing complexity of the financial and currency markets and the speed at which they react mean that extensive expertise and constant attention are needed to manage portfolios successfully.

Our goal is to maintain the purchasing power of capital while minimizing risk. Defining your own risk profile is the first important step. We sit down with you to determine your individual expectations and investment goals, taking into account your income needs, investment horizon, anticipated cash flows and risk tolerance. In such manner we define the type of portfolio best suited to your requirements and can implement an appropriate investment strategy.

As the investment services and the products we offer to meet these objectives often may have tax consequences, it is important to remember that your tax situation, which is your responsibility, has to be taken into account. On your request we can consult your own attorney or other tax advisor about the tax effects of any products and services you are considering to ensure that you understand the resulting tax obligations

Whatever the type of portfolio, it is continuously monitored so that it can be rebalanced or adjusted to changing market conditions as required.

What makes our Investment Advisory Service different? The answer is very simple. Unlike others we do not want to have your money!! Our intention is to develop with you an investment strategy, looking for a good bank where you can open an account in your name and comprehensively advise you on a regular basis in which investments you should enter into or get rid off. The key factor being that only you have access to your capital and no one else.